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Cuts 12 minutes of EMR interaction from a typical complex visit

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Cuts 568 keystrokes, mouse clicks and cursor movements

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Generates incremental $100,000 physician pay per year



The AMA on Physician Burnout

The AMA in its major effort to reduce physician burden, recommends a set of time saving strategies. Rather than delegate tasks to staff, FreeTime automates most of these recommendations.

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Use the calculator on the AMA website to see how much adopting these recommendations can mean to your bottom line.
>>Run the athenaOne documentation time report<<
to see how much time providers in your practice are wasting.

What about Ambient Speech Recognition?

FreeTime is way more efficient, comprehensive, accurate and profitable than ambient speech recognition technologies.



Managing Partner
Ridgeview Internal Medical Group

"FreeTime is the most significant improvement we've done for our medical group...period."

Shelly Bray, MD
Bray Medical Group

“Anodyne is a game-changer! It enables us to capture and populate accurate medication lists, patient screening questionnaire data and HPI directly into the patient visit. It pulls in patient diagnoses with associated clinical data eliminating the need to search for this information. The team is incredibly responsive and helpful."

Current Anodyne Pilot
Chief Technology Ambassador

“[This is] the best I've seen in years!

If we can keep one provider from quitting [due to EHR documentation burden], Anodyne pays for itself.”


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What Value do you place on your (Free)Time?

"One of the biggest challenges I face as a clinician today is time...right...time with your patients.